How to start Blogging with Wordpress

How to Start Blogging with Wordpress:

start blogging with wordpress
Hello, friends, I'm here with a new tutorial about blogging, as you know from the title of this post today our topic is about blogging with Wordpress. Today I will show you difference tips for start blogging with Wordpress. Now a day’s Blogging becomes one of the most popular ways of earning money on the Internet and also blogging is not only a way of earning money on the Internet. Blogging is that service where you can publish your contents such as Images, Videos, Articles and many other your contents on the Internet and can visible it on World Wide Web. So Wordpress is also a service of blogging there are also many other services for blogging but now a day’s Wordpress platform is very popular among blogging publishers. So that’s why it’s our topic of this post. Before I starting to give your tips for Wordpress I show you a simple demo for How to Download Wordpress, So let’s see in this below tutorial:

How to Download Wordpress:

I create this simple Downloading of Wordpress tutorial in Video so let’s watch the Below Video tutorial:

I hope you will watch the above tutorial and now you will be able to Download Wordpress.

Start Your Wordpress Blog or Website:

So now I tell you about how to start, before starting blogging with Wordpress you need some requirements which are following:
  • Basic knowledge of Wordpress
  • Domain or any free Sub-Domain (Recommend Domain .com )
  • Domain Host on Any hosting Site which has some storage and Auto software Install

If you have complete all of the above services then start blogging with Wordpress, Install Wordpress on your hosting site using auto software Installer application which has in all hosting site, after installing Wordpress Go to your Wordpress account and open your account and create a post and start blogging.

How to open Wordpress Account or Login to your Wordpress Website Admin Panel:

wordpress login
There are several ways of opening your website or blog admin panel in Wordpress. First of all very easy method of opening your WordPress website admin panel go to and log in from WordPress with your email and password which you are use during Installing of WordPress on your Domain. The second way of opening your WordPress admin panel is simple goes to your hosting site where your domain is a host, then go to software in your domain hosting dashboard from where you can easily login to WordPress from here. Another and mostly very easy method of login to your WordPress website or blog WordPress dashboard, Simply write your domain name (Website) in browser address bar, For Example, you write your website in address bar after in your website address write a Slash / and write wp-admin after slash for example and click Enter you will reach to a new page which is WordPress login page write here in this page your email and password and click on login your WordPress dashboard will be opened. So this is a simple method of opening your WordPress dashboard.
This was some Tips for starting blogging with WordPress, for more this post will update soon.